Puni Puni Poemy

English titlePuni Puni Poemy Released episodes2
Japanese titlePuni Puni Poemi Audio codecMP3 VBR @ 140kbs
Japanese kanjiぷにぷに☆ぽえみぃ Video codecwm9vcm VBR @ 1200kbs
Year2001 Resolution4:3
TypeOVA SourceR1 dvd + dvd subs
Total episodes2 Languagejapanese audio + english hardsubs
Puni Puni Poemi is a spin-off series after Excel Saga. Same style, same wackiness. The story revolves around Poemi, the daughter of Nabeshin (this wacky character from Excel Saga gets married with Yamamusume Kumi-Kumi and there comes Poemi). As the real name of Nabeshin is Shinichi Watanabe, of course naturally, Poemi`s full name is Poemi Watanabe.
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AnimeNFO http://www.animenfo.com/anime.php?id=706

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Puni_Puni_Poemy_01.DVD(OVA)[KAA][5D51571E].avi 5D51571E 311.462.832 11.04.04
Puni_Puni_Poemy_02.DVD(OVA)[KAA][79C7EBCE].avi 79C7EBCE 307.499.734 11.04.04

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