Junkers Come Here

English titleJunkers Come Here Released episodes1
Japanese titleJunkers Come Here Audio codecAAC
Japanese kanji Video codecwmv9 @ 1200 kbps
Year2003 Resolution16:9
TypeMovie SourceR1 dvd + dvd subs
Total episodes1 Languagejapanese audio + english hardsubs
Hiromi Nozawa is a young girl growing up in a home where both of her parents are busy and are seldom home. Her most trusted companion is her dog, Junkers. But this is no ordinary dog! Gifted with the ability to speak and do human-like tasks, this canine is civil enough to use the toilet and, like some of us, won`t miss his favorite TV show for the world. When things at home start to go wrong, Hiromi learns that she needs to grow up fast but also realizes that life has a pretty unique sense of humor.
AniDB http://anidb.ath.cx/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=anime&aid=1325
AnimeNFO n/a

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